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Hello & Welcome

I have long wondered about the separation of the different artforms in our world today, both in the commercial world as well as in the educational world. Gone are the days of the renaissance man (think Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo) when there was time and desire to constantly learn new things, to become competent in different fields that complemented one another, and develop into a more talented, diverse and productive person. And THAT, I realized, is what I have been missing. We have just become too specialized, whereas I prefer to take a holistic approach to every artistic challenge, project or work.


So, for a while I have been moving towards being able to see and make renaissance-type of art connections. I, by no means, would call myself a renaissance (wo)man – far from it – but I AM interested in transferring my skills from one visual art form to another; from fabricating sculpture and objets d’art to painting, to designing interiors and furniture. It all is a matter of seeing what I can and want to put out there, and one new endeavor in one art form will influence and shape the other. I know this back and forth also enhances my ability to think critically, to be more creative and, ultimately, to reach my goal of recognizable and interwoven work. And that, in turn, inspires me in assisting my clients achieve their artistic vision and goals.


It usually starts with a recorded moment that catches my attention, which I then transform into its own sculptural or environmental presence through emotional, sensual and textural expressions - oftentimes juxtaposed thereby enhancing the dramatic effect.


When it comes to my figurative work I am moved to express life’s dramas in a rather confrontational way, conveying the raw results of what affects and challenges us humans emotionally. They attest to pain, to opportunities lost, but also to survival and to the joy in pleasures lived. I am especially appalled and saddened about the plight of our children when exposed to humanity’s inhumanity and folly, which I express in much of my work.


With respect to my techniques, I mostly use clay or wax to create my originals. I then produce a re-usable mold which I can use for casting the artwork in multiple mediums and editions. What medium is used depends on several things: my desire or my client’s, the available budget, or the degree of difficulty of casting in a certain material. But the character of the piece is also of great influence here. When a bronze cast is required I will let a foundry take care of the process, but I usually cast my own concrete, plaster or resin work. I will also press clay back into the mold if I want to kiln fire for raku and such.


All my art, which includes sculpture, objets d’art and paintings are produced by myself or by an assistant under my direct supervision. It does happen, however, that I will create a new work that is produced - in whole or in part - by a subcontractor. In this case I will present it as a ‘designed-by-me’ piece. 


I was born and raised in The Netherlands where I completed my initial education, specializing in languages. As a result I moved to London, England to work for an investment bank as a translator. I met my American husband there and soon enough moved to the Washington DC area where I went back to school to study interior design. I worked as an interior designer on commercial, residential and furniture projects before moving back to Europe, this time to Belgium. There I went back to school to study sculpture, which included an intense sculpture course in Florence, Italy. I now live and work in Clearwater, Florida where I have an art and design studio.  I have lived in quite a few different places in the US as well, and all these moves and life experiences have very much influenced my artistic endeavors.

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